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Thursday, 30 August 2007
The nameless Soldier
Today :

He is a prisoner of war,
inside a prison called Gaza
where he was , himself , a Jailer .

Last week :
was in his military base
activating the detonators on the cannon shells
falling on Gaza homes

Last month:
was testing the deleted-uranium- bullets
on the civilians of Hebron

Last year :
was harassing the pregnant-women
on the check-points

He did not take part
in the Sabra-Chatilla massacres ,
but , his father did.

He did not take part
in the Deir Yassin massacres ,
but , his grand-father did.

So why do we not give this soldier a name ?
shall we call him Monster,
invader, robber, thief , occupier,
pirate,settler? ?
or simply : a Zionist

Raja Chemayel
July 11th 2006

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