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Sunday, 15 April 2007
Mon3em is arested
salam 3alaikom
ahlan ya ikhwanna
now Abdul monem Mahmod .. - muslims brotherhood's reuters is arrested from cairo airport
this is not the first time .. but it's the time that no one in Egypt can be satisfied of what mubarak's government and system do
may Allah destroy this unjustice system and those who destroy the beuty in us .. in Egypt .. and in their selves
pls my Brothers and Sisters .. let's pray for mon3em
let's pray for Egypt
let's Pray for our children
w salam
um sorry for typing in English but my set is formatted and i haven't a windows cd ..
isA I will write the next blog about Mbh blogs ..
the first post will be about ( modawanat abna2 almo7alen lelmo7akamah al3askareya )
in sha' Allah
da3awatkom ya ikhwanna

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